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The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 16th March 2020 at the Longham Village Hall, starting at 7:30 pm.

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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Report 2018/19

There has been quite a lot of planning activity in the village over the last year. People have been updating, extending and renovating various properties throughout the village, it’s very interesting to see the changes.

You may have noticed the major restructure happening at the Cats Protection site, with new pens and new office and treatment block and better siting for car parking. Breckland took note of the Parish Councils comments about large delivery lorries not being able to turn into the Hoe Road entrance and allowed the gateway off the Litcham Road, to be re-opened. This has made things much better for the residents living near the site, not having to cope with lorries running across their lawns and blocking their gateways.

Several new people have moved into the village and it is hoped that they will join in village life, but sadly two villagers who have lived most of their lives in the village have had to go into care homes, due to failing health. Sheila Purple and June Symonds have been an important part of the village in their lifetimes, serving on the Parish Council, the Village Hall committee, and helping with the local football team, we miss seeing them around the village.

The Parish Council in conjunction with the Village Hall Committee have purchased another piece of play equipment which has been installed on the playing field. The magnificent twin tower climbing frame with a slide, fire mans pole, scramble net and climbing wall is proving very popular. It’s great to see the children having fun using the equipment as well as the older generation making use of the adult fitness equipment. Without your help, by adding your signatures to the play equipment survey, we would not have gotten the grants that have allowed us to go ahead with this project, so thank you very much for supporting us.

The Parish Council has been involved in another project in the village this last year, the wildlife site the Clays Pits in Hoe Road. With the help of the Norfolk Conservation Volunteers the site has been surveyed for the different types of flora , it was amazing just how many different species of plants there are on the site, some of which are quite rare. The Volunteers cleared some of the rotting vegetation away to open up the site, installed steps in the step bank to enable people to climb down into the site. The ponds which re-fill when it rains were becoming overgrown and blocked with fallen leaves, were cleared out, to enable a better breeding ground for the great crested newts. We were extremely lucky that the Volunteers had some grant money which allowed them to do 4 sessions at the Clay Pits without it costing the Parish Council any money. The group leader was very enthusiastic about the site, he said that there is an abundance and rich diversity of flora and fauna and small mammals, because of its unspoilt nature, however it does need to be maintained to keep the site vibrant. The Parish Council would like to install an information board at the top of the site and also continue with the maintenance, they have allowed £500 in this year’s precept for this purpose and are going to apply for a match funding grant from Breckland Council.

Lastly I would like to thank our County and District Councillors for their support and guidance over the last year and also my fellow Parish Councillors for all they do for the Village.

Sue Douglas
Chairman, Longham Parish Council

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