Scheme Coordinators

Hoe Rd, Ostrich Lane, Litcham Rd:
Pam Jewell 01362 687???

Chapel Road, New Road, Low Road:
Lew Pearson 01362 687231

Honeypot Lane, Wendling Road:
David Smith 01362 687629

Longham Neighbourhood Watch

There are forged £20 notes being passed in the Dereham area; please be alert when accepting notes.

Householders are being targeted by people pretending to be from their credit card company, bank or police saying they've seen a faudulent transaction. They're asked to write down their PIN and put it in an envelope with their credit or debit card and wait for it to be collected by a courier who is an innocent party in the fraud. Withdrawls are then made. Asians and pensioners are the main targets at the moment.

Also criminals posing as government workers are cold calling vulnerable members of the public and tricking them into handing over large sums of money by promising to clear their debts or obtain refunds of bank charges.

Finally, please check the identity of people calling at your home as there has been a spate of incidents involving bogus police officers. They claim they are examining cash for counterfeits, showing a new device or checking locks. Police will always make an appointment in these circumstances before visiting.

Latest Report - 22/01/2010

Unfortunately, the organisation of the Safer Neighbourhood's crime reporting is changing, and we are currently only receiving abbreviated and sporadic reports. Those that I receive that pertain to the Dereham area, I will post here. Hopefully a better service will resume soon.

Burglary Dwelling -  None

Burglary other than Dwelling -

18/19 Jan, Gately, Dereham. Copper piping stolen from cottage undergoing renovation.
18/19 Jan, Rashs Green, Dereham. Commercial premises broken into.

Theft from Motor Vehicle -

16/17 Jan, The Maltings, Dereham.  Rear window smashed & mini moto bike stolen from rear of vehicle.
18 Jan, Neatherd Rd, Dereham. Front PS window smashed & wallet taken.
20/21 Jan, Northgate, Dereham. All four wheels stolen from school mini-bus

Theft of Motor Vehicle - None

Theft Other -

16/18 Jan, Dereham Rd, Beeston.  1000 ltrs of heating oil stolen
17/18 Jan, South Green, Dereham. Garage compound entered and anti-freeze stolen.
20/21 Jan, Hall Road, Hoe.  Portaloo stolen from location next to railway crossing.

Criminal Damage -

16 Jan, Gordon Rd, Dereham.  Front wooden fence damaged.
19/20 Jan, The Street, Lyng.  Two tyres punctured on IPs vehicle

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